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The purpose

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Finance, savings and investment are often treated in an overly complex way and therefore the purpose of this blog is simply to filter all the noise, keep things simple and hopefully help a few people make more informed investment decisions. There will be some stuff on investing fundamentals, links to other great information sources as well as some investment ideas general thoughts.

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They, in this context is the owner of the asset you are purchasing. To make super-normal returns this is fundamentally what you need to achieve. How do you consistently know something someone else doe

Most assets are fairly priced most of the time

It is rare to find a clearly, materially mis-priced assets. The reason why is simple, the owner of assets typically know their worth and is unlikely to sell them for less. Therefore you only gain fro

Setting expectations

Investing alone will not make you rich. Saving sensibly and investing well should give you a comfortable life but it will not make you as rich as Warren Buffet and that should not be your aim. Warren